Property Care Association (PCA) Launch New Video: Moisture In Buildings

February 21, 2017 / By yorkshiredampcourse

The PCA are the trade association representing the building preservation industry and help consumers with finding reputable specialists to identify and repair their problems. Yorkshire Dampcourse are full contractor members.

Increasingly, members of the PCA are coming across incidences of excessive moisture in properties, and the resulting affects of condensation, damp and mould that result.  A range of factors associated with modern living and the way homes are occupied have contributed to the rise. These include increased levels of occupation and rising fuel costs, as well as a drive to make homes more energy efficient.

Efforts to reduce air leakage through draught proofing and retrofit insulation, as well as the changing climate patterns, featuring warmer, wetter weather, are also of significance.

This new video offers insight into the subject and the importance of effective ventilation in managing the issue. It includes interviews with Dimitrios Rovas and Dr Hector Altamirano-Medina, who are both lecturers at the University College London and Steve Hodgson, the Chief Executive of the PCA.

Information on the PCA’s Residential Ventilation Group is also included.


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