What is Wet Rot & Dry Rot?

Wet & Dry Rot are generic terms used to describe forms of wood rotting fungi found in buildings.

There are many species of fungi that are classified as Wet Rots but only one know as Dry Rot.

The names are a little misleading as both types of rot require the same ingredients and result in similar damage.

What does it do?

Being a fungus its main purpose is to break down organic matter. This is natures very own form of recycling – turning waste back into elements to sustain new life. This is all well and good on the forest floor but unwelcome in buildings where timber plays a very important structural role.

Some problems that rot can cause are:-

  • Structural weakening of timbers
  • Deflections to floors
  • Collapse of floors
  • Damage to decorations
  • Unpleasant odours
  • Health problems due to air contamination by high levels of spores
  • Costly repairs

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