What to do if you have a structural problem

The first step to managing structural problems is to find out what is causing them. There are many types of structural problem that can all lead to cracking and deflecting walls with causes such as:-

  • Lateral Forces
  • Thermal Movement
  • Wall Tie Defects
  • Weather Damage
  • Failed / Missing Lintels
  • Roof Spread
  • Subsidence
  • Human Error (Design or Alteration)

It takes the right type of person with the knowledge and experience in diagnosing the correct cause of structural problems – a Structural Engineer. A structural engineer is someone who has studied, trained and qualified to understand stresses and movement in buildings.

If you have not already done so, contact a structural engineer. They will be able to advice on whether any corrective action will be required. A structural engineer will normally provide a report detailing their findings and advice.

Do I Really Need a Structural Engineer?

Not all problems require a structural engineers diagnosis and there are many knowledgeable contractors who may be able to correctly identify the cause of a structural defect. However, depending on the type of problem and the corrective action that has been proposed, it could be costly to try and deal with a defect without the correct advice.

A structural engineer is able to calculate how a defect has affected a structure. They use complex mathematical equations and precise measuring equipment to do this. Therefore, their advice will usually result is a correct repair specification with the reassurance that it has been provided by a suitably certified and insured expert, in case things go wrong.

How We Can Help?

Once you have a repair specification from your structural engineer we may be able to help with repairs. We offer a variety of structural repair solutions to manage some types of problems such as the installation of:-

  • Wall Ties
  • Bow Ties
  • Bespoke Plates & Brackets
  • Helibeams
  • Mortar Bed / Crack Stitching
  • Resin Repairs

Not all structural repairs can be managed using these types of repair. Others may need other specialists to manage the problems such as an under pinner or piling contractor to manage subsidence problems, or a builder to rebuild walls.